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In compliance with the rules of the Bar Council of India, since lawyers and law firms are not permitted to solicit work and advertise, we provide this website with the sole objective of providing basic resource information. This website does not constitute a source of advertisement, publicity, solicitation, invitation or inducement of any sort whatsoever to solicit any work through this website or to facilitate or enter a lawyer-client relationship.

Information on this website should not be regarded or relied upon as legal advice. In no circumstance will JUS MAXIMA LAW OFFICES be liable for the application or interpretation of the information available on the website and does not warranty any results either expressed or implied to users of this website.


I/We acknowledge that by browsing this website, I/We of our own free will, desire to acquire more information on JUS MAXIMA LAW OFFICES. I/We agree that I/we have not been subjected to any form or kind of solicitation, invitation or inducement from any member from JUS MAXIMA LAW OFFICES to enter into a professional agreement through and by the influence of this website. I/We agree that in case I require legal counsel I / we shall look for independent legal advice. I/We have fully read, understood and accepted the DISCLAIMER provided above.

Our ability to provide strategic legal solutions is built on our experience across a range of traditional and specialised practice areas. For more details on our different practice areas, please follow these links:-



Jus Maxima Law Offices is a leading full-service legal practice that aims at blending legal expertise with equitable solutions, thus fulfilling our dream of Maximum Justice for All. We effectively blend the legal acumen of our lawyers with the sector specific experience of the various domain experts on our panel and provide end-to end timely and cost efficient legal services to our clients.

We endeavor to be creative and productive.  We thoroughly realize the nature of each client’s business and the various business concerns beneath every legal matter we handle.  We thus build a close-working relationship with our clients and this is evident in the effective legal, commercial and strategic solutions we turn out.




Our lawyers have substantial technical expertise to serve the needs of our clients and address legal issues in an integrated manner. In addition, the firm matches up with various technical experts including engineers, patent agents, management and investment consultants to form multidisciplinary joint teams, that provide a full range of legal services.


We make sure that the team works together to focus on the unique requirements of each client. We also firmly believe in a personalized approach to every client, where one team member assumes charge of all your matters and is a single point of contact for all your queries.  

Interested in working with us? Please use the contact form to tell us about your background & experience. 


We shall get in touch with you after analyzing your skills sets and current vacancies we have.





762 PH Road
Chennai - 600010

No:9 Jawans Bhawan
Near District Court
Coimbatore - 641018

New Delhi
B-61, Plot #70
Vaastu Apartments, Sector 55
Gurgaon 122 002

For inquiries, please use the following contact form:

Thank you for contacting us, we will respond as soon as possible.

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